Friday, December 10, 2010


For my independant reanding, i would like to read Madame Bovary.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The "Plum Plum Pickers" essay.

In the “Plum Plum Pickers”, Raymand Barrio suggests that the “immigrant workers” class remains an important influence to a person life. It reveals an iniquitous bargain and differences between poor and rich people. It makes the workers obligated  to work for really low salaries. Barrio shows it by using some effective techniques such as repetition and tone.
There author narrates about the life of an immigrant, precisely plum picker in a vast field,  during Manuel’s description of the apricot field, he compares it with jail. Which shoes to the reader that it is not one of those cute romantic tree’ fields, it like hell!
“The hot dry air. The hot dry air sucking every drop of living moisture from this brute body.”
It's extremely hot out, and Manuel is working and starting to feel like he's an animal. He feels trapped in the rows of apricot trees, and he's sweating, tired and needs a break. He knows how to make us feel the pain that he is felling just by the way he describes his thinking and his emotions .

. In the middle of the passage, the author describes another character that named Roberto Morales. According to Roberto Morales name, it’s antagonist of the story can be represented as moral less. Morales is not a good man. Barrio shows that by describing him as a criminal and as a brut, plus the fact that he’s being rude with  his people, people with the same principle s and the same education. So there shows that they stand for an unmoral conception into their lives with moral less, loveless and selfish.
So he claims there was a miscalculation and needs to take two cents from every picker buckets. Taking two cents from Manuel just didn’t make sense to him, he worked hard to earn that money, it was just not fair. So he stood up for him and for his brothers, disagreeing with what he did, and was ready to blow all his day up but flipping the buckets over, but with the help of his fellow partners, they got what they wanted! Which was to get the entire amount of money. During the confrontation of Manuel and Roberto Morales.
So Barrio shows that reality and life can be very exhausting. There is always a boss, manager, and an employee. Life can very repetitive and only the employee can improve. This also shows that we must go into a career that we love otherwise we will suffer our whole lives.
He’s still trying to prove that union is power, that when people have support whenever they look back, they will be fine in life.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

College Essay...I am Limitless!


            Like other eight years old Moroccan children, I was playing soccer with all the kids from my neighborhood in the street. It was 4pm on a hot summer day when the event that changed the course of my life occurred. We were despised for blocking intersection, yelling hysterically and running barefoot everywhere, but still, my curious little eyes never missed the glances of hope we were given by the oldest people, the hope that someday we will be somebody, the hope that someday we will achieve what they never could.
I come from Casablanca, Morocco, a place where all the paradoxes meet. A place where 5% of the six million people who constitute the population own 95% of the wealth.
Growing up in that city built up all kinds of emotions, strengths, and weaknesses in me, but it mostly embellished my pride and my ego.
My father was the mayor of a little town near Casablanca called Benslimane. The town is known for its farmers and its exceptional contribution to the Moroccan economy due to its outstanding agricultural production.
My father who once was also a farmer was one of the rare countryside who got to not only live in the city, but also in the world since he went to Paris to pursue his education.
When he came back home, he held the title of the “visionary”. Progressively, he worked his way up to the top, leading him into becoming Mayor of Benslimane. But it is well known that men are vicious in their nature, and power leads to harm.
My father quickly robbed the treasury of the town and asked for political exile in the U.S, leaving my mother, my three year old sister, and my two year old self behind.
I do not remember much, but the first years were the toughest, from what I heard.
 My grandfather embodied the role of a father, and I never felt like I was missing paternity. He was my father, and this was the absolute truth to me.
Today, with retrospect, I am well acquainted with the fact that he wanted integrity, pride, kindness, responsibility, leadership and family because he feared that day in which he would have to leave me. He feared death as strongly as he knew it was inevitable.
“You are a man son. A man never abandons his family. Now its tougher for you…you’re dealing with women. You will find out that they like to over think and complicate everything but they are precious. They are as precious as life, you are a man and a man is no quitter-How old are you?”
He smiled tenderly run his fingers through my curly hair. “Now, go kick that ball as far as you can”
This was not the only piece of advice he ever gave me, but it is the first thing I think of when I retrace my life. This was the last advice he gave me before a heart attack took him away.
I realized that day that maybe I was promised to a great future. Maybe I would be somebody. Maybe I would honor the great man who raised me, maybe…Maybe? No! I will. I have supported three women in everyway I could for the past ten years.
I am their protector because it is my duty. Because my grandfather’s last breath gave life to my manhood. It is my legacy.
Today, I am applying to schools for engineering. My values, my thinking, my past and an education in something I am passionate about are a combination likely to brighten my future so I can actually kick that ball. Not as far as I can kick it, but as far as it could go.
Me? I am limitless. There are no boundaries to a mind fed by values, principles, pride, love and passion…I am limitless.